Can I use MS paint on Windows 8?

Yes, you can still use MS paint for Windows 8. You can only use MS paint in Classic Desktop mode, however, and can’t use this program with the new Windows 8 start screen.  You can find MS paint by typing “mspaint”, which will engage the Windows 8 search feature and will allow you to install this program, which was traditionally the default free painting and drawing app in previous versions of Windows, like Windows 7.

In addition to being able to use MS paint in Windows 8, Microsoft has provided a number of other paint apps to use with the Windows 8 start screen.  To install and download some of these apps, search for them in the Windows 8 app store.  These apps work only with the Windows 8 start screen.  This way, you can have different paint programs installed in classic desktop and on your start screen.

Which free drawing software can I use with Windows 8?

While there are many paint programs that work well with the Windows 8 start screen, Microsoft’s Fresh Paint program is a drawing application for Windows 8 that you can download free from the Windows 8 store that is easy to use and has many of the same features available in MS paint.  With this unique interface, you can make custom colors, change your brush size and shape, and choose different virtual art tools such as crayons, colored pencil, or eraser.














Other free painting and drawing apps that can be downloaded from the Windows 8 app store are:

  • Lazy Paint
  • Hello Paint
  • Duco Paint
  • Paint Drops Free
  • Corel Painter Lite
  • Paintsy
  • Image Trace Paint App
  • Rainy Paint
  • Scribble Paint
  • Paint a story
  • Finger Paint