The lock screen for Windows 8 is the screen for your Windows 8 PC that appears when you boot your PC or when it is sleeping.  The lock screen doesn’t have any applications on it.  Instead, it only gives you the most basic information, such as the date and time, Windows 8 app notifications and updates, and event updates from your calendar.

If you’re using a pc, touching any key or moving the mouse will dissolve the lock screen, bringing you back to your Windows 8 start screen or desktop mode.  Or, if you’re using a touch device, simply touch or swipe the screen to get back to your Windows 8 start screen.

If you’re leaving your computer for a few minutes and want to turn on your Windows 8 lock screen, simply press the Win Key + L, and your lock screen will be displayed.

What are Windows 8 lock screen apps?

Lock screen apps are Windows 8 apps that run in the background of your PC even when your PC is sleeping.  These are the apps that give notifications on your screen.  For example, if you select e-mail as a lock screen app to sit on your lock screen, you’ll get notifications on the lock screen telling you when you have a new email message.  You can designate up to 7 apps as lock screen apps.  Out of these apps, you can also choose 1 app to give you detailed notifications. For example, if you select your calendar for this function, you’ll receive detailed updates about events and meetings that you have added to your Windows 8 calendar app.  Lock screen apps mean you don’t even have to be using your PC to get the most important information you need from it.

How can I customize my lock screen?

With Windows 8, there are a number of different ways you can customize your lock screen.  Adding Lock screen apps is one way, so that you choose which information you see when your lock screen is showing.  You can also change the image that appears on your lock screen, which can be accessed in “Settings” in the Charm Bar, by clicking “Change PC Settings” at the bottom of the section.  There, you can browse through the images available from Microsoft for Windows 8, or upload an image from your own photo library.

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