The Windows 8 charm bar is the (central) toolbar in Windows 8, which can be accessed from the desktop view of Windows 8 or the Windows 8 start screen, as well as any app that you use in Windows 8.  You can get to the charm bar on a PC by either dragging your mouse to the to the top or bottom right corners of the screen, and the charm bar will pop up on the right side of the screen.  Moving the mouse away will hide the charm bar, and also the Charm Bar will close after 3 seconds of inactivity. You can also bring up the charm bar by pressing the Windows key+C, however, and when you do this, in addition to seeing the charm bar, you’ll also see the date and time in the bottom left corner, and this will keep the Charm Bar open.

How do I use the Windows 8 Charm Bar?

Using the Windows 8 Charm Bar you can perform the basic actions needed for using Windows 8.  The Windows 8 Charm Bar Contains five icons that each represents a different feature: Search, share, the start icon, Devices, and settings.

The Start icon will bring you back to the start screen, and the devices icon will show you a list of running devices connected to your machine, including printers or connected cameras.  The last icon, settings, will allow you to set up and operate your Windows 8 start screen by customizing your settings, like selecting your language of choice for the keyboard.  The settings icon is also one of the places where you can shut down your PC in Windows 8, restart it, or put it to sleep.

How can I search for content on Windows 8 using the Charm bar?

You can search through anything on your Windows 8 operating system by using the search function, whose icon looks like a magnifying glass, at the top of your Charm Bar.  By clicking on the search icon and typing you can look for documents, web pages, or any information available from your Windows 8 apps.

How can I share content using the Windows 8 charm bar?

Using the share icon in the Charm bar, which is a circle with three interconnected lines, allows you to share a webpage, music, photo, or other piece of data from a Windows 8 UI-style app. For example, if photo sharing app in Windows, and you’d like to share a picture, simply navigate to the charm bar and click on the share icon, which will then allow you to share the content you’re using in an app (note, you cannot use this share feature for apps on the desktop). 

  • WhoCares

    How do I disable the Charm bar?

  • Frans Klammer

    Aha! Thank you! I have Always wondered what the share funktion was for. There never was anything to share. I need to have a metro app open before i can share something. This feature is totally useless for me since i have a desktop and dont use metro apps. Way to go Microsoft! Thank you for yet again waisting my time.

  • Barb

    I wold like to print some photos from my albums how do I do this ,,,,there is only a bottom screen menu nothing for printing help please..

  • Elle Laurel Rose

    Useless for non- Windows-shills, that’s what.

  • biju

    @ElleLaurelRose:disqus because of the security reason

  • Bloggerdoolittle

    AAF annoying as fuck

  • kolar radhakrishna

    my fit bit is not getting charged

  • jl

    The charm bar is an example of why windows and software development for PC’s is so second rate and poorly done. Any minimal amount of research would show how annoying that task bar is and how it constantly appears when not intended to do so. What’s more, it is very hard and non-intuitive how to turn it off, though I finally figured it out. These software developers are completely inept and should be ashamed of themselves for this idiocy.

    • Sam

      Moving your mouse away or waiting for three seconds is “very hard” for you?

      • A.W.E.S.O.M.-O

        Multiply that times 1000, it gets very annoying. Its a stupid feature. Justifying by saying that you should live with it is retard logic.

    • A.W.E.S.O.M.-O

      For real. Microsoft is a joke

  • Julia

    how can I stop share charm only allowing screenshot when I want to email whole doc

  • A.W.E.S.O.M.-O

    This type of feature, think Adobe Bridge, NEVER gets used and its fucking annoying as shit.