The start menu and start button are gone from the Windows 8 OS (you can get them back in 1 click with Soluto), and in addition how you restart and shut down your computer with the new operating system has changed as well. Find out how you can use the Windows 8 charm bar, keyboard shortcuts, or the click of a mouse to restart and shut down your computer.

How do I restart or shut down my computer with Windows 8 in the Windows 8 Start Screen?

There are a number of ways to shutdown or restart your computer from the Windows 8 start screen.  The first way is through the charm bar (learn more about the Windows 8 charm bar.)  When the charm bar opens, click settings, and then select power from the icon menu at the bottom.  A menu will pop up, and you can select to sleep, shut down, or restart your computer.














How do I shut down my computer in Windows 8 desktop mode?

If you’re in the desktop version of Windows 8 and would like to shut down from there, there are a number of ways you can do it:

Open the command line, an app which sits on your Windows 8 desktop. Type “shutdown-r” if you’d like to Restart, or “shutdown-s” if you’d like to Shutdown.  Press enter, and your computer will automatically restart or shut down.














You can also press the Windows button, located on the bottom left of your keyboard, and L at the same time.  This will bring you to the login screen.  From there you can log out of your user name, and then shut down by clicking the icon in the lower left-hand corner

You can also press Alt+F4, which will bring up a dialogue box with the option to shut down your computer.

  • TommyRay

    Alt + F4 brings up a second display options window here, no shut down or restart options visible. :(

    • anit kumar

      you are a asshole then.

    • CrankyFranky

      TommyRay – I’ve just learned this, but Alt-F4 tends to close the current application, browser or whatever – if I Alt-Tab to my desktop first then Alt-F4 will display the shutdown dialog box.

      I have also just learned this and created a new shortcut on my desktop containing the location/code ‘shutdown.exe /s /t 0′ (that’s a zero and remove the quotes) which may work as well.

      whichever works for you – for me:
      1 – Alt-Tab to desktop, Alt-F4 to show shutdown dialog, press Enter – 3 actions
      2 – Alt-Tab to desktop, reach for mouse, click on Shutdown shortcut – 2-3 actions

      meh …

      (and anit seems to be describing himself or maybe just talking to himself there …)

  • Micah Gehman

    And set up your power button settings to shut down the computer when pressed.

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      Micah is this amazing

  • imaad

    need help: when i m shutting down my laptop, it turned off and again turn on after 5 seconds… any solution???

  • calimani

    OMG. This Windows 8 is a f-in nightmare!
    God this thing really really really really sucks BAD.

  • igor

    I use a cordless mouse instead of the keyboard touch. Each time I shut down the system reverts back to the touch and I have to reset the mouse. Is there anyway I can set it permantley? Thanks

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  • adnan is cool

    How do I turn my window 7 to window 8

  • Nunyadambizness

    Is it just me, or does Windows 8 just suck? I would have thought that someone in Seattle would have figured out that after 20 years it would be helpful to have some direction as to how this new program works…oh wait….that’s right, they’re all just so much smarter than the rest of us. OK, got it now.

  • sunish shaji

    Hi there is an easy way to do it a simple software called Easy Shutdown Pro.It is designed for windows 8 and very easy to use.
    You can download it from the following link.

  • I am memes

    My laptop is a windows 8 so my pc won’t work it was sloww so I rest it it didn’t go through so I pressed back to windows 8 it still wouldnt go I keep trying everyday it just wont go I need help

    • coolaidjr

      Move your mouse to the right till your options come up click on search.
      In there type “services.msc” in there you can see what services you have running.some will be running on auto, manual, and disable,
      In there you can chose what program or service you want to start-up when you boot your system up.
      some of the services that are running in the background that can be put on manual till needed.
      Also in your “msconfig” will show you a list of program you have starting.
      Also if you can’t get it to boot then try booting in “safe mode” in there you can see what might be a problem and if needed you can try system restore.
      Also in your bios see what option you have setup to boot from.

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