There are a number of ways to receive email using Windows 8. You can use several email platforms, including Microsoft Outlook, in desktop mode of Windows 8. If you use a web-based email provider, like Google or Yahoo!, you can also receive your email through a web browser, just like you did in previous versions of Windows.

You can also associate an email account with the mail modern app located on your start screen. When you do this, you can get your email in one click, and your email will be organized with the Windows 8 UI. Using the email modern app, you can add multiple email accounts, so that you can have all of your email centrally located.

How can I associate an email account in my Mail modern app?

Associating an email account in Windows 8 can be done in a few clicks. Simply click on the email app, and then press Win Key+I, or navigate to the charm bar by dragging your mouse to the upper right-hand corner and going to settings. There, go to “Accounts” and click “Add an Account”. You can then select which type of account you’d like to add. After that all you need to do is enter your email address and password.

How do I use the Windows 8 mail app?

Depending on the type of email account you’ve associated with the Windows 8 email app, there are different ways you can use the mail app, however, the basic mail settings remain the same. In the upper right hand corner, you’ll see three icons, each allowing you to perform basic email actions in 1 click:

The “+” icon allows you to add a new email message, the icon with the left facing arrow allows you to reply to an email, and the trashcan icon allows you to delete a message.

Using the Windows 8 mail app, you can also navigate easily between email accounts.

  • Richard McDowell

    Thank You, It is very helpful.

  • Frustrated W8 Victim

    The “modern” mail app does not accept outlook email accounts that are not MS controlled (hotmail or msn). That means it is useless for me… like much of Windows 8. It is unfortunate that the Jobs Business Model (i.e. everything is proprietary and won’t work with other vendor’s products) has been adopted by just about everyone now. If you Google, all you can use is Google products. If you Apple, all you can do is Apple products. And so on ;(

  • jeff

    The windows mail app is terrible. I can’t receive some emails and navigating the settings is a pain. Of course they can extort you further by making better programs available for purchase. It used to be the programs bundled with the CPU were all you need. Now it’s all about nickel and dime to get anything that remotely works efficiently.

  • Hubartus Brewbabus

    Windows mail app focuses on appearances, you need an app that provides basic functionality. Try EM Client.

  • Tavina Ellen

    Hello. I’ll soon be attending college, and I was told to make an e-mail account, so I could receive important updates on my registrations process and such. I wanted to add this special e-mail into the Mail modern app on my Windows 8 laptop, but I keep receiving the same error message saying, “Unable to connect. Ensure the information you’ve entered is correct”. I make sure I’m entering my password correctly each time (mainly by watching my hands as I type it slowly), and my actual e-mail address looks the same as it does on the Outlook website. Is there something wrong with my e-mail, that makes it so I cannot access it through the Mail modern app?

  • prakashdeep8

    If you have issues with Windows 8 live tiles or blank not updating live tiles, here are the Ultimate guide to bring back your lovable Windows 8 live tiles

  • Ismael

    windows 8 and outlook are terrible and frustrating beyond word. I am going back to windows 7. Windows 8 is not friendly to USB sticks and attaching files to e-mails is terribly difficult. Saving attachments is even harder, Is Microsoft developing their software in Somalia?