When apps are unnecessarily open, this can lead to a slower computer.  You may not even notice that an app is running, because all you need to do to minimize an app is press the windows button, and you’ll return to the Windows 8 start screen.   Read on to find out how to end a slow app quickly and easily.

In order to exit apps so that they aren’t running, you can simply press Alt+Tab simultaneously and hold them down, and a window will pop up with all the apps, and their icons, that are running on your PC.  Or press the Windows key+Tab together and hold them down.  You’ll notice that an icon list of running apps will appear on the left-hand side of your screen, similar to the ones that come up when you press Alt+tab.  Move your mouse over the icons, right click, and select “close”.

You can also move your mouse to the upper left corner of the screen, where you’ll notice a small icon of the app you last opened – right click on it for the option to close it.  If you start your mouse in the upper left corner and run it down the edge of the screen, you’ll notice that icons of all of your running apps will appear as well.  Right clicking on any of these will give you the option to close them.

If you really miss the familiarity of the task manager, you can always press Ctrl+Shift+Esc which will bring up the Windows 8 task manager, with a new Windows 8 interface, and will allow you to shut down apps in one click, just like you did in previous versions of Windows, and will show you additional technical information about the apps running if you are seeking such information.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shuklaalok7 Alok Shukla

    Let me tell you a more graphically appealing way to close apps in Windows 8. You can hold an app and put it down in the screen and it will get closed. Using mouse you can do it by left clicking on very top border of any metro app and holding that click move that app to the bottom of screen. That’s it.

    • Tomcat

      That is correct but to completely close it so its process isn’t running in the background you have to hold the app at the bottom until it flips then pull it the rest of the way down. now it is completely closed and is not running in the background !! yay

  • BartG95

    Or just use shortcuts: alt+f4

  • Privat Privat

    How do i run metro in windowed? and or if thats not possible how to splitscreen multiple apps?

  • Jennifer Mark

    My recommendation would go with opening the task manager and closing the apps with the end process button.

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    With the move we searched a lot for the solution and final destination ended up with the task manager from Replicon – http://www.replicon.com/olp/task-management-software.aspx that manages well enough to get the things done up and in a better way as well.

    • usman

      yes but its hard to do every time ,
      i think there is one easy way just with help of mouse ,
      use your mouse click at upper side of the apps screen and drag to bottom and release ,it will be off,

  • Tomcat

    to completely close it so its process isn’t running in the background you have to hold the app at the bottom until it flips then pull it the rest of the way down. now it is completely closed and is not running in the background !! yay

  • Bob’s Your Uncle

    Not completely accurate – unless I use the task manager I don’t get a full listing of what’s running in the background.

  • xjman

    It says to hit the alt and tab keys at the same time. But I have no “Tab” key. Now what?

  • xjman

    i found it. it has arrows.

  • Andrew

    The BEST way I have found is to use the “Windows Key”+Tab and let go of the tab key but hold the “Windows key” and repeatedly press the delete key. it works extremely well when you have more than a few apps, but it works fantastic otherwise. I really suggest you use this.

  • Gid

    When you only have a few apps running in the background on your PC and you’re not using touchscreen… I think the easiest way is to use alt+tab to select the program you want to close to bring it to the front, and then use alt+f4 to kill the program. Ta-da background app gone.

  • Rohan de Silva

    I got it now but it seems like the creators don’t seem to realize that some people will actually use their computers to try to get some work done. The platform seems designed only with people playing on their smartphones and tablets in mind. The time I’ve invested so far in becoming minimally competent in Windows 8, in retrospect, would have been much better spent in learning how to use Linux to free me from the clutches of the evil Microsoft empire. They have succeeded in convincing me to buy a Google or Apple configured smartphone, as Windows 8 is somehow even less intuitive than the Blackberry operating system.

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  • windows8sucks

    The only way to completely close apps in windows 8.1 is to open the task manager and end the task. Even if you “exit” the app by clicking the red x in the top right hand corner of the screen, the app will continue running and using up memory until you end it in the task manager or restart your computer.

    • Knowledge

      That’s not how you exit an app. That just closes the window. To exit an app you need to click file, or the app icon in the top left window, then click exit/close. That terminates programs, not the red x.

      • http://www.computeksa.co.za Dimpie

        That doesn’t work either > http://prntscr.com/6bo9d8
        The app is still running after clicking “close” top left :(

    • http://www.computeksa.co.za Dimpie

      The best & faster way is to grab the app on the toolbar & drag it to the bottom …. BUT don’t let go … leave it there till it flips over and then let go … the app will close & also “end task” ;)

      • Drew Barrett

        that actually worked I just tried it

  • lindab1284

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