Microsoft SkyDrive is an online backup and data storage software that backs up all your important files to the cloud. Using SkyDrive, you can securely store your files and get them where you want when you want them. SkyDrive can be installed on mobile devices, including a smart phone, Mac, or iPad, and can also be installed on your PC. Additionally, you can access SkyDrive from the internet anywhere in the world via the SkyDrive website, so you can have access to your files even if you don’t have any of your devices. Anything you save in your Microsoft SkyDrive account will automatically be backed up to the cloud, meaning that it will be available to you wherever you have installed Microsoft SkyDrive or have access to the internet.

How does Microsoft SkyDrive backup to the cloud?

Each time you save a file from any location where you have SkyDrive, a copy of the file gets saved to the cloud.  That way, you can access it from any location with SkyDrive.  All you need to do is log in to SkyDrive using your Microsoft account from a mobile device, your PC, or, and all of your files you have backed up to the cloud by saving them to SkyDrive will be there, as long as you have an internet connection to save and obtain your files.  Backing up to the cloud is one of the safest ways to ensure that you’ll always have your files backed up when you need them, and that you can access your files from several locations including, in the case of SkyDrive, from any internet browser.

Where can I download Microsoft Skydrive?

You can download Microsoft SkyDrive for free from a number of different places depending on the device where you’d like to add Skydrive:

For a PC: You can download it from the Skydrive website, or from a download sites such as cnet.

Mobile devices: For a Windows phone, download Skydrive from the Windows Phone Market Place; For an iphone or iPad download Skydrive from the iTunes store; For an Android, download from Google Play.

How can I get Microsoft Skydrive with Soluto?

Using Soluto, you can install Skydrive on your PC, or the PC of someone you support in just one click.  Install Soluto today to remotely install apps.

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