When you open a Dropbox account you automatically start with 2GB of free storage space for your files and anything you want to save to the cloud. If you want to store more than 2GB of stuff there are a couple of ways you can increase your Dropbox storage space. To get free space added to your Dropbox, invite your friends and family to join. For every person you invite who joins and installs Dropbox you will both get +500MB of extra space added to your accounts for free. You can earn up to 16GB of bonus space by inviting up to 32 people to Dropbox. That’s 8 times the Dropbox you started off with, at no cost. Learn more about Dropbox features.

How can I get free Dropbox space with Soluto?

You can use Soluto to easily set up Dropbox for your friends, family and colleagues.  You can create new accounts for them, remotely download and install Dropbox onto their PCs, and sign them in from anywhere.

Simply fill in their Dropbox account details, enter the referral link from your own Dropbox account, and click. Soluto will take care of the rest. Even if their PC is turned off, the Dropbox installation and login will happen the next time the PC is back on.

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