How Virus, Spyware, and Malicious Software Consume CPU Capacity

Although there are perfectly safe programs and processes that have high CPU usage, viruses and mischievous software can create extra processes and result in excessive CPU usage. That’s why we’ve designed Soluto to make it easy to ensure your PC is protected with a firewall, antivirus software, and the latest Windows updates.

Using Soluto to Install protection and updates

In the Protection section of  Soluto PC view check to make sure the Firewall is set to “on.” Make sure there is a green tick next to Antivirus too. If there is no Antivirus on the PC, you can install one in the protection section. This is one of the steps you can take to protect against some forms of high CPU usage.

While you are looking at Protection, install any available Windows updates. Sometimes a bug in a Windows program increases that program’s CPU utilization. When Microsoft issues an update to resolve the problem, you can easily download and install the update from your Soluto dashboard. Soluto will download and install the update at the right time when the PC is idle and CPU usage is low.

Disable browser add-ons

You should also visit the Internet section of your Soluto dashboard to make sure the web browser isn’t cluttered with viruses or spyware disguised as toolbars and add-ons. Soluto automatically sorts add-ons into Safe to Disable and Possible to Disable categories. Click on any add-on to view its description and see recommended actions to take based on the collected experiences of millions of PC users. Then with one click, disable any add-ons that you don’t want running on the browser.